Despite Crypto Winter, Bored Ape NFTs Sell for $1 Million


Always in fashion – It seems that nothing impacts the hype around of some NFT collections. While the market is in the red and that the bankruptcy of FTX has seriously dented the enthusiasm of much of the crypto community, some collectors are still spending fortunes to acquire simian profile pictures. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) are at Pantheon of digital art and the rarest of them still sell for close to1 million of dollars. Here’s a great gift idea for Christmas !

The Bored Ape Yacht Club #232 sold for 800 ETH or 927,000 dollars

The sale which is driving the market crazy today is therefore that of the Bored Ape Yacht Club #232 the image of which you will find below. This NFT was sold by Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of Chain, a start-up specializing in blockchain infrastructure. The latter is well known to NFT enthusiasts with sales and purchases regulars of the most famous profile photos.

For example, he had bought october last the CryptoPunk #5822 for 8,000 ETH either close to 24 million at the time of the exchange. He has therefore just parted ways with a particularly golden-furred monkey. rare since it is classified 324th on 10,000 NFTs according to Rarity Tools and that this species represents only 0.05% from the Bored Ape collection which makes talk about her regularly.

The buyer of BAYC #232 seems to like walleye…but he might be sleeping on the couch tonight! – Source: Twitter

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The tree that hides the forest ? Despite some record sales, the sector is in freefall

And the proud owner of the animal in question is called Keung on Twitter. He is also known to be a collector of this type of NFT and he warmly thanked Deepak Thapliyal for this ” good deal “. But the magnitude of this sale should not overshadow the decrease overall that took place in the NFT market in general.

Indeed, after reaching 25 billion dollars in 2021the sector has seriously slowed in 2022 with significant drop in volumes. For example, according to DappRadar and Dune, there were still 5.36 billion of NFT sales in January last for only 700 million in october. And of course, even the most famous collections like the Bored Ape saw their floor price melt like snow in the sun, passing from 152ETH in April at 60ETH today. And the price is expressed in ETH, imagine the real value considering the current price of Ethereum…

But no matter the prices, digital art enthusiasts, NFT collectors or fans of Web3 technologies will not be impacted by the declines. They will wait nicely for all this to go back one day, enjoying their images and showing off nicely on social networks. There are even potentially good deals to be had right now! This sector is probably one of the only ones in crypto where a bit of levity and good humor still reigns amidst an ocean of bad news related to the macroeconomic situation and the now too famous FTX case.

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