Bitcoin: a golden opportunity for investors according to a banker


An unparalleled system – This investment strategist within a bank analyzes the fundamentals of the Bitcoin (BTC)and shares the factors that make it easier to appreciate the value of blockchain and cryptocurrency, beyond its volatile price.

A unique bitcoin, regardless of price

DBS Bank is a bank headquartered in Singapore, which offers cryptocurrencies to its customers through its DDEX digital asset exchange.

Despite bearish markets, the company’s cryptocurrency business saw a high increase. The volume of exchanges in June was multiplied by 2, compared to the figure for April. And although Bitcoin hit a local low below $18,000 in June, the cryptocurrency’s trading volume during that month was four times higher to that of April.

These performances are an exception during this crypto winter, which saw the price of Bitcoin return to levels before the start of the bull run at the end of 2020. During a recent press briefing, Daryl Hoinvestment strategist at the bank, explained why “ bitcoin remains unique whether the price changes or not “.

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Bitcoin: between utility and unequaled advantages

Buying bitcoins would constitute an exceptional opportunity for investors, and this quality would not necessarily be linked to its price, which not only knows “ lots of volatility “, but which also does not inform about the advantages that cryptocurrency ” actually brings “.

The value of Bitcoin would rather reside in its specific utility. Daryl Ho recalls that Bitcoin allows asset value transfers to be carried out, without the need for a central party that verifies the exchange, unlike centralized value transfer systems.

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Bitcoin also has the advantage of being an open market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and therefore allows investors to obtain cash and liquidity at any time.

Daryl Ho thus underlines the very fundamentals of the cryptocurrency which should allow investors to evaluate it beyond its volatile price which has struggling to reconnect with the $20,000 during this crypto winter. The investment strategist at DBS Bank added that Bitcoin’s 13 years of operation constitute an additional pledge of confidence.

Bitcoin is therefore an exceptional opportunity for investors, even if the price of cryptocurrency has not yet reached $100,000. Its value is based on the unparalleled possibilities it offers, in terms of asset transactions, in an uninterrupted manner, and without the need for intermediaries.

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